Monday, February 28, 2011

What I am grateful for as a Mehendi artist.

This is something I had scribbled down on my notepad during Thanksgiving. It's a short and sweet list of things that I am grateful for as a Mehendi artist. Many times, we forget to give thanks to things and people who have brought us where we are. Since it's only been about four months since Thanksgiving, I decided that I had made these people and things wait enough for their well deserved thank you. Just kidding!I am grateful for:
  1. Cones-my mom tells me of the days when they used matchsticks to paint designs on people. Apparently, it took hours. Then my ba, my grandmother, tells me of mehendi during her days- big round blobs in the middle of the palm and feet. I mean if it weren't for cones, it would take hours to come up with intricate patterns and those who lacked the patience would be stuck getting a big blob!
  2. Eucalyptus Oil-Many brides questions me with concern about safety and strong reactions to mehendi. Unfortunately, many vendors and unaware brides end up using a chemical called PPD which is similar to hairdye. Although it enchances color, it may lead to severe allergic reactions that would require immediate, extensive and costly medical treatments. So I am grateful for the all natural Eucalyptus Oil, which I use to enhance the color of my mehendi. I have yet to encounter a person that is allergic to this.
  3. Patience- It does take a while to do this patterns so I am grateful for the all the patience that my clients and I have for this process. Afterall, it gives beautiful results!
  4. Brides- Their patience, their likes, their dislikes, their big events, and they themselves. Thanks to brides, I have discovered how much I love Indian weddings and culture. I have learned to appreciate the effort that goes into their events for I often hear about the details. It's lovely working with beautiful brides!
  5. Fans - The hours that we put into our work is made well worthwhile when we hear about how much our work is liked and appreciated. Thank you for the kind words! And we hope to keep up to your expectations and beyond in the coming years.
  6. Word of mouth- Many a times, I am asked whether I advertise to which I respond, yes and no. Why? Because, I don't really have to advertise thanks to all my wonderful loyal clients who promote and spread the word about our work. For example, one of the brides I did mehendi for recommended me to about ten of her friends and relatives who all ended up booking with me.
  7. Wedding Planners- They keep the parties organized, keep the lines moving and ensure that we are well fed and taken care of. Thank you to Sonal J Shah Events, Spotlight Style (Preeti Shah), and Evenings of Elegance (Dharmi Sahdev), just to name a few, for all your dedication and hard work! We look forward to working with you again.
  8. Guests- At mehendi parties, we encounter guests who come from hours and hours away yet wait in lines that could go on for long just to have a pattern done by us. This is not just a pleasure, it's an honor.
  9. Inspirational Designs- be it a wall paper, outfit, invitation card, jewelery, sculpture or painting, designs in these works of art never cease to inspire me to keep coming up with newer and more beautiful designs. Were it not for these, I would still be doing designs from back in the day.


  1. Seeing how intricate those mehendi patterns and designs are, I salute you. You're amazing! You're truly an artist!

    Cheers and more power,

  2. These all are very beautiful designs. I saw different lovely Mehndi Designs Bunch