Monday, February 28, 2011

Keep it simple!

In the past, I had come across many brides who chose to do a lengthier and/or more intricate mehendi pattern than they would have liked. Many did it because that's what they thought was "bridal." To that, I say, "Bridal design is not a set bunch of patterns; rather, it is what reflects the brides taste and personality." So if a bride felt uncomfortable or overwhelmed by mehendi that went up all the way to her elbow or covered most of her feet, then why should she be getting it done? Afterall, she will be looking at the designs for days to come and it would not be too great to look at something that you don't really like.

Then came along Anisha, a bride who chose to defy the norms and do what she liked while balancing out the traditions. She chose not to go too high up on the arms and on the feet for it was not her style and also because she'd be going on her honeymoon right after the wedding.

To add a bit of her and make her pattern unique, she chose to get a pattern of a peacock; however, true to her style, the pattern was unconventional, bold yet elegant. To balance out the more contemporary designs on the back and front of her hands, she chose to get a traditional pattern done on her feet. Although traditional, the pattern was kept true to her taste: simple.

This goes to all the brides, if you don't feel comfortable getting intricate and lengthy patterns, then you don't have to. our mehendi will still be just as beautiful and will be YOU at the same time!