Wednesday, March 16, 2011


When Roma had come to meet me to pick out her patterns, I was a bit worried that other brides would seal the date, July 2nd, sooner than her. Worried because I really wanted to work with Roma for she is among the most down to earth and cheerful person one will ever meet. Roma, being truly down to earth, wasn't interested in doing something grand or extravagant. Rather, she wanted to keep it simple yet interesting, detailed yet elegant.

Who would think to wear white to her mehendi? Roma would. I love how simple, elegant and gorgeous the outfit looks against the mehendi. Please notice the head of Lord Ganesh on her right hand and the knot on her left hand. Brides don't have to get grand images of wedding symbols in their mehendi, it could be something as simple and understated as a knot. Don't you love how different it is in a rather subtle way?I wasn't kidding when I said she's among the most cheerful brides I've ever come across. I don't know about Roma but looking at this picture put a big smile across my face. The many hours were well worth it and this is precisely why I love doing what I do. It makes my job awesome :)

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